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Renewable and Bio-Based Alternatives for Petrochemicals - Renewable and bio-based alternatives for petrochemicals are gaining traction as a response to concerns about sustainability.
According to the Petrochemical Association: What are the Hazards the Petrochemical Industry is Facing? - The petrochemical industry encounters a range of hazards that necessitate proactive measures and strategic solutions
Advancing the petrochemical industry and Egypt's Sustainable Plan 2030 toward a greener economy - The petrochemical industry in Egypt is becoming greener
The Petrochemical Contributions to Make the World Greener and Healthier - The global petrochemical market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 5% until 2030.
2024 Petrochemical Industry Insights Global economy, regional dynamics, and sustainability are key factors that will affect the petrochemical industry in 2024.
Unravelling Refinery and Petrochemicals Supply Chain Logistics
Digital Refining: Transforming the Oil and Gas Industry - Digital refining enhances productivity, efficiency, asset life, and process safety.
Advancing Renewable Energy Capacity and Petrochemical Operational Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow - Innovations in petrochemicals operational efficiency optimize resource utilization and reduce environmental impact.
Petrochemicals Adaptation Plans for a More Sustainable World - Transforming the petrochemical industry for a sustainable tomorrow
COP28 and Petrochemicals - This year’s COP was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
An Overview of the Petrochemical Industry in the MENA Region - The MENA petrochemical industry has continuously been of notable importance within the global industry.
The Oil Price Increase: Will It Affect the Petrochemical Industry in 2023? - Considering the previous economic global fluctuations, the oil and gas industry has significantly been affected.
The Latest Technologies Used in Petrochemicals - As mass production technologies develop, so does the petrochemical industry.
A World Without Petrochemicals - Petrochemicals are an essential element of our everyday lives.
Petrochemicals Industry Insights and Expectations for 2024 - The petrochemical industry remains strong despite a couple of downfalls during challenging economic times.
Oil and Gas Production and the Petrochemical Industry - Oil and gas production and the petrochemical industry play defining and consequential roles in our daily lives.
Is mining an important step in the petrochemical process? - Mining is an important activity in the industrial and chemical sectors.
Nurturing Petrochemicals to Adapt to Today’s Sustainable Development Measures - Petrochemicals are present in almost all our daily goods and services.
How to benchmark a petrochemical energy company? - Benchmarking is a vital activity for business owners.
Between the Petrochemical Industry and Petrochemical Engineering - Petrochemical engineering is an integral part of the oil and gas industry.
Is it true: Petrochemicals will die out in a couple of Years! - Petroleum is a non-renewable resource which raises concerns about whether society could eventually run out of it.
Many Industries would fall without it: Petrochemical and Petroleum Energy Production - The petrochemical and petroleum industries are globally important due to their crucial role in today’s consumer society.
Are Petrochemicals a Renewable Energy Source? - Petrochemicals are derived from a non-renewable energy source.
What is the most effective form of energy in the modern world? - Modern forms of energy are continuously being developed to keep pace with today’s world.
Petrochemicals in the construction world - Petrochemicals are used in multiple aspects of the construction world.
True or not? Petrochemicals can be found in almost 95% of our Daily used Products - Petrochemicals are an essential ingredient in almost every commodity used today.
Body Moisturizing explains How Petrochemicals are used in the Cosmetics Field - Most cosmetic products use petrochemicals to function properly.
Can Petrochemicals Do Any Good to the Healthcare Industry? - The value addition of beneficiation is a decisive factor in assessing its success.
Can Petrochemicals Do Any Good to the Healthcare Industry? - Petrochemicals are largely found in medicine thanks to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
3 Steps and 1 Result: The Beneficiation Process - Beneficiation is a value-adding procedure.
Egypt’s Contribution to the Petrochemical Industry - Egypt is a regionally strategic producer in the petrochemical industry.
What are the Current Benefits and Harms caused by the Petrochemical Industry? - The petrochemical industry is filled with numerous benefits and some drawbacks to consider.
Mining was the Start: The Relation Between Mining & Petrochemicals - The process of mining is essential as it has the possibility to impact and boost economies.
Petrochemical Technology: In A Technological World: What Is the Use of Petrochemicals? - Modern technologies lead us to question whether using petrochemicals remains relevant. (Source: McKinsey)
Oil Refining and Petrochemical Industry Overview - Part of the petrochemical production process involves using oil refineries.
Sustainability in the Petrochemical Industry - Petrochemicals are widely used in manufacturing including eco- friendly products, yet their production poses an environmental threat.
Petrochemical Industry Trends - Petrochemical trends slowly recover in 2022 as the world goes back to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic.
Petrochemical Investments in Egypt - Egypt is a strategic industry player in the petrochemical industry.
Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants - Oil refineries fuel and allow the production of most of our everyday goods.
The Relation between Oil Refineries and the Petrochemical Industry - Oil refineries are crucial when producing petrochemicals.
Petrochemical Projects in the Middle East -The Middle East is a region rich in crude oil resources.
Upcoming Petrochemical Projects - The petrochemical industry is witnessing significant growth due to large energy demand.
Petrochemical Companies in Egypt - Petrochemicals are crucial to producing our everyday commodities.
Petrochemicals and Petroleum Electricity Generation - A petrochemical oil refinery plant.
5 Reasons a World without Fossil Fuels Is Not Practical - The world continues to depend on fossil fuels despite current environmental crises. (Source: National Geographic)
Can Green Energy Be Economically Viable - Investments in green energy are predicted to increase with proven economic benefits.
Clean Energy Produced by Coals - Clean coal technologies are on the verge of growth and are leading a path towards eco-friendly energy production.
Green Energy is the Future - Our modern-day practices have caused us to question their negative effects on our environment and move towards more sustainable alternatives.
Petrochemicals in Agriculture - Petrochemicals are widely used in agriculture to efficiently produce agro-products.
Petrochemical Products Used in the Agricultural Industry
What Is Petrochemical Engineering All About?
Petroleum Engineering and Petrochemical Engineering, Which Is Better? The speed of movement at which our society has come to require effective solutions.
Petrochemicals use petroleum to produce most of our everyday goods.
In the Petrochemical Industry, coal plays a significant role in petrochemical production.
Mining is one of Anchorage Investments’ many divisions.
Petrochemical Companies in Egypt - Petrochemical companies are an essential component of the production process of everyday goods.
Ethylene, Propylene, and Benzene are the three most popular petrochemicals used and produced.
What Are Chemicals and Petrochemicals? Chemical reactions don’t create a change in substance. They result in the creation of other chemical combinations.
Petrochemicals are created in petrochemical facilities where they are derived from crude oil and natural gases.
What is a petrochemical plant? Petrochemicals are crucial to the production of our everyday commodities.
Since the 21st century, the demand for both chemicals and petrochemicals has been bounded by being eco-friendly.
Why petrochemical industry is called sunrise industry?
Global petrochemicals market is projected to grow to US$761.59bn in 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%.
The oil and gas industry feeds petrochemicals with sought-after products to produce olefins, aromatics, glycols, & polymers. - Petrochemicals Industry
Petrochemicals Climate Change & Global Warming Became the World's Primarily Concern, with Endless Environmental Calls to Take Action.
Anchorage Investments Crude oil refineries incubate the early phases of the petrochemicals production process, dubbed the upstream industry.