sustainability and social responsibility

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Our dedication to ensuring sustainability in every dimension of our operations shapes the way we approach our projects. With the group’s projects spanning different geographical locations, we aim to utilise and train resources from almost each and every region we operate in. This sustainability in resources ethos is combined with a determination to develop management plans that suit the market conditions, materials and productivity.


We are well-positioned to overlook sustainability and environmental optimisation considerations that aim at creating sustainable, inspirational and comfortable built environments. With our management and affiliates’ key staff being the project managers for sustainability-certified and rated projects, we comprehend the need to adhere to target green standards, both local and international.

The group is well-trained to adopt a holistic development and management approach that utilises cutting-edge technology to generate environmentally friendly, energy efficient structures that are responsive to people’s material and spiritual needs, as well as being sensitive to the local cultural heritage.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to treating our stakeholders responsibly, ethically and with respect.

Recognizing our key stakeholders to be: employees; suppliers; business partners; the communities where our staff work; the communities which may be affected by our design and supervision activities; as well as the environment itself.

Our objective is to deliver our commitments by:

  • Providing clear, honest and open leadership
  • Being a responsible employer
  • Providing a safe working environment for our people both in the office and on construction sites
  • Creating the environment that allows people to develop and achieve their full potential for the firm
  • Recognising the diversity of our people and giving equal opportunity to all
  • Helping the local authorities and contribute to the development of the communities where we operate
  • Working with those communities where we are developing a new project in order to address their concerns
  • Encouraging our staff to engage with the local community on a personal level
  • Seeking to ensure that our business partners and suppliers share the same values as we do
  • Sharing our business principles with our suppliers and business partners in order for them to adhere to the same values
  • Ensuring that the activities we are managing have at their core, the aim of minimizing the impact upon the environment or of significantly improving it
  • Our site-based activities will recognise the need to minimise the impact upon the surrounding environment

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