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The group comprises separate entities in the fields of: development of petrochemicals projects, mining/quarrying, project management, and development of beneficiation/building materials manufacturing projects. Affiliation between the different entities and the synergies arising from this strengthens the group’s technical and developmental capabilities.


Anchorage’s petrochemicals division was established with the objective of developing, owning and operating petrochemicals projects in the Middle East region. These projects are envisaged to produce basic petrochemicals building blocks, intermediates, derivatives and final products that would fill-in market gaps domestically, regionally and globally. Our projects are envisioned to benefit from a number of geographical, market, economic, operational, regulatory, logistical and infrastructure-related factors which would differentiate them from other potential locations and projects.

Whilst developing a project, our approach is directed towards developing optimised facilities with the most efficient backward and/or forward integration which would enable maximum returns to the complex under development. We aim at it being an initiator that would set-up a changing economic movement towards a more developed derivatives/chemicals market and its end-use applications.

Mining, Beneficiation and Building Materials

Anchorage’s mining division was initiated via an acquisition of one of the fastest growing geological and mining companies in Egypt, which was initially established with the purpose of providing geological and quarrying/mining solutions to the industrial sector with specific focus on the building materials industries. The company capitalized on the significant experience of its founders and management, and an experience record which spanned more than 30 years on a regional scale.

Following this, Anchorage started an ambitious plan to grow the mining/quarrying business into sectors that are analogous with its strategic intent of industrial development and value chain integration, and that would capitalize on the know-how and technical capabilities of the group’s experience and staff. The company has since undergone a restructuring process, and has been implementing a plan to expand and strengthen its spectrum of solutions towards servicing different industries such as the fertilizer industry as well as the building materials and the mining/beneficiation industries in general.

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