Vision, Mission & Values


To become a leading industrial conglomerate trusted and respected by our business partners, investors and customers, and admired by the market, with an integrative and synergistic business across our extended value chain.


Our role is to become an instigator of a shifting geographical footprint and movement in the field of industrial development within the petrochemicals sector and its extended value chain and integrative industrial opportunities. Towards this, we aim at sustainably positioning ourselves as a market leader by leveraging our distinctive strength and continuing to reinforce the synergy effect between our projects and our different divisions and businesses. In doing so amidst a dynamic and challenging business environment, we strive to have each and every Anchorage employee geared to doing his/her utmost towards bringing about top results despite any incumbent market conditions. We strongly believe that maintaining our strong in-house management system is pivotal to sustain our position while hastening growth and achieving our objectives.


Our values are derived from our group’s historical roots, corporate governance philosophy and way of conducting business. These values are conformed to by our staff enabling us to decide what is right, worthwhile and desirable, and provide fundamental guidance to our decisions and actions.

Excellence: We strive to excel in every aspect of our business.

Tenacity: In pursuing even the most challenging of targets.

Consistency: Like any successful business, we have tested procedures, and carefully defined criteria, to ensure efficient and consistent operations according to highest international standards.

Integrity: Our integrity is founded on our commitment to be honest and ethical at all times and under any circumstances. It is one of our imperative values when building and maintaining relationships with our stakeholders, staff and society.

Innovation: We strive continually to stretch our limits and innovative mind-sets towards discovering new horizons. This is essential if we are to become at the forefront of our industry.

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