Our Culture

We view our people as strategic assets. We have a constant drive to keep and grow talent within a robust system and business model. We believe that this inclination to the human resource factor is what results in break through business performance.

We have a human capital strategy that combines between the group’s diverse cultural, developmental and construction background and the determination to assure strong and capable teams and leadership for the organization going forward. This, in addition to the mentorship of our senior staff, on the group level, differentiates us from others and positions us as a renowned school for future competent leaders in each pertinent field.

We are characterised by a culture that boosts morale and team spirit by which Anchorage would always like to be known for. Career progression of our technical and non-technical staff is at the top of our priorities. Our career progression stretches along until we create industry experts composed of the best calibres who would enrich their relevant fields.

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Sustainability & Social Responsibility
sustainability and social responsibility