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Petrochemicals Industry vs. Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry feeds petrochemicals with sought-after products to produce olefins, aromatics, glycols, & polymers. - Petrochemicals Industry
The petrochemicals industry vs. oil and gas became an inquiry frequently asked by the masses. Despite being closely related, the oil and gas industry represents the upstream phase with its exploration, drilling, extraction, and early production stages. On the other hand, the petrochemicals industry represents the downstream phase, where petroleum...

Introducing The Petrochemicals Industry and The Petrochemical Products

Anchorage Investments Crude oil refineries incubate the early phases of the petrochemicals production process, dubbed the upstream industry.
Petrochemicals; is a term widely used across the preceding centuries to represent the solid foundation upon which many vital industries emerged. Introducing the petrochemicals industry and the petrochemical products, almost all our daily-used end merchandises are petrochemical-based. That's why the world's mega manufacturing countries primarily count on that lucrative industry...